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Welcome to Professor Bernauer's group «International Political Economy».

We are based at the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) and the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED). Our research and teaching focuses on political and other conditions under which environmental and economic problems that extend beyond national borders can be solved.



New Publication in Global Environmental Politics

Climate clubs, or “minilateralism,” are increasingly advocated as a way to move global climate governance forward. With supporters and detractors, climate clubs need careful institutional design to be politically feasible. A new article by Robert Gampfer investigates the design features that affect public support support. Read more 


New UNEP Publication

Poor air quality and climate change are the two greatest threats to human health in the pan-European region says new United Nations Environment Programme report. Professors Thomas Bernauer and Christian Loewe have served as coordinating lead authors for Chapter 3: Strengthening Environmental Governance. Read more 


New Publication in Energy Policy

A new publication by Brile Anderson and Thomas Bernauer investigates how arguments regarding carbon offsetting's economic efficiency, effectiveness, and ethicality -- key points in the public debate -- impact the public's preferences. Read more 

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