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Our group focuses on the political and other conditions under which international environmental and economic problems can be solved.
We are particularly interested in the following issues:

  • Why do some countries perform better than others in terms of environmental quality and sustainable development?
  • Why are some countries more cooperative than others in international efforts to solve international environmental and economic problems?
  • Why are some international trade disputes easier/harder to resolve than others?
  • Under what conditions do interactions between civil society and governments in global governance produce more effective policies?
  • To what extent does climate change and resource scarcity cause societal problems such as migration, reduced economic growth, and political violence?
  • How do individual citizens perceive and evaluate international policy-making in areas such as environmental protection and trade liberalization?

For more information visit the research section of our website.

Our results have been published in many scientific journals and books. For more information, see the list of journals in which we published.

For specific journal publications visit the publications section of our website, and for specific book publications visit the books section of our website.

Two former members of our group, Tobias Siegfried and Lukas Beck, founded a successful ETH spin-off that provides intelligence for environmental change (go to the Hydrosolutions GmbH website).


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